Google restricts Huawei from using Android Mobile ? Google Ban Huawei

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Google restricts Huawei from using Android Mobile? Google Ban Huawei

Why Google restricts Huawei from using Android Mobile? Google Ban Huawei. Huawei can not ‘Google‘ on the next-generation smartphone. US President George W. Donald Trump will limit the deal with Chinese companies Huawei and its own companies, and Google will stop providing Android solutions to Huawei smartphones.

Are Huawei phones safe to use Or Not?

Google restricts Huawei from using Android Mobile Google Ban Huawei

On Tuesday, Huawei said it will not be able to access services such as the OS, Google Play Store, and Gmail, citing Reuters. Google introduced its next Android OS, ‘Android Q‘, through this year’s developer conference. Typically, manufacturers have access to the next OS development process before release. However, Huawei will not be able to benefit from this suspension. However, development can be done through open source provided for the Android system. It is prohibited to install app services such as Google Play Store and Gmail.

How Can I still use Google on my Huawei Phone

Google restricts Huawei from using Android Mobile Google Ban Huawei

When Apple shut down some of its business with Huawei following the US government action, there is ups and downs in the US of Apple ‘s iPhone in China. According to the 20-day plan, the editor-in-chief of Hu Jintao, a sister-in-law of the Communist Party’s People’s Daily, said that Huawei’s mobile phone, instead of the iPhone is used for nine years, I made the purchasing public.


The editorial board is a representative media representative of the Chinese government. Therefore, it is interpreted that China is trying to promote Apple boycotts as retaliation against Google’s suspension of some business with Huawei.”I do not think that I should boycott Apple because I changed it to Huawei,” said a later editor, “Apple has contributed to China’s development.”I have the right to decide what kind of mobile phone to use,” he said. “When Huawei was oppressed in the United States, I expressed my respect for Huawei by using Huawei’s mobile phone in my personal feelings.”

What is The Reason Why is Huawei Mobile blacklisted?

Google restricts Huawei from using Android Mobile Google Ban Huawei

He said that after changing to Huawei, he did not abandon the existing iPhone, suggesting that he might throw away the iPhone depending on how the US-China trade war is going to take place. Chinese netizens are also raising the number of articles that cries ‘iPhone boycott’ to Wei Bo. Meanwhile, Huawei, a party to the incident, said that it is capable of continuing to develop the Android operating system ecosystem.

“Huawei has contributed greatly to the development and growth of Android as an important participant of the Android operating system,” Huawei said in a statement on the same day. “Huawei has continued to develop and use the Android ecosystem.”In China, products and services, including smartphones and tablet PCs, are not affected,” he said. Consumers were reluctant to use and purchase products.

People Thinking What did the Huawei Mobile do?

Huawei, a telecom equipment maker and smartphone maker, has access only to the open version of Google’s Android mobile operating system. However, we can not provide services such as Google Maps, Search, and Gmail. Huawei added that it will continue to create a safe and sustainable ecosystem and provide better services to its users. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China also carried Huawei.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said in a regular briefing, “We are already paying attention to reports that Huawei has stopped services that require software and hardware transfers to Huawei.” he said. “We support the Chinese company to maintain its legitimate rights as a legal weapon.”

Huawei, the leading provider of 5G mobile communications technology, has been blacklisted by the US Department of Commerce last week. US companies selling products and technologies to Huawei must obtain approval from the US government.

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