Mobile me ads kaise band kare ? Mobile Ad Blocker Android

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Mobile me ads kaise band kare ? Mobile Ad Blocker Android

Mobile me ads kaise band kare? Mobile Ad Blocker Android. Ads Kaise Band Kare. Friends, today I will tell you all in simple and easy language how you can stop ads in your mobile, how can you stop unnecessary ads coming in your mobile.

how to block ads while reading posts on the internet. How can you stop mobile ads, then you keep reading this post till the last. Today, where the internet remains a major center of business, banking, education, communication, technology, and entertainment, it is very difficult to imagine life without the internet.

Mobile me ads kaise band kare ?


Mobile me ads kaise band kare ? Ads Kaise Band Kare
Mobile me ads kaise band kare ? Ads Kaise Band Kare

Friends, today about 90 percent of the population of India is using the internet, you must have guessed how much our country is connecting with the internet and technology, in every house we have to see a Smartphone or Laptop.

Gets itFor those who are mobile or internet users, the biggest problem for them is the ads shown by Google, the promotional company or mobile apps,

Friends, you too may have faced these ads many times, which appear in the middle even if you do not want to.

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Ads Kaise Band Kare

Then, whether you are using an application, or the problem of a website, the ads come on the mobile screen every second, sometimes Video Ads, sometimes Full-Screen Ads and sometimes Banner Ads, because of all these ads we Also install applications for work, there is a lot of difficulty in doing that work and we get upset.

If accidentally clicking on AIDS, then do not ask, in a few seconds we get redirected to a site or app that we do not like to see, then friends, the question is, how do we use these irritating AIDS / Can stop the promotion and save both time and net,

So in today’s post, we are going to tell you Mobile Me Ads Ko Kaise Band Kare? Therefore, read this post completely so that you do not miss any important information.

Friends, now we are going to tell you how to stop Ads through this app named Block This, it is not so difficult, you just have to follow the steps mentioned by me properly,

How To Block Ads On Android Phone

First of all, you have to download and install Block This app,

Before that, let me tell you one thing that you will not find this app on Google Play Store, but you will have to download it from this official website. Friends, let me tell you that this app is absolutely free, just like you have to pay the monthly charge for AdGaurd App, it is not inside these apps, it is free apps.

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Step 1. Open the app
You have to click on the icon above the option Start and Feel the Freedom that appears on the homepage,

How To Stop Pop-Up Ads On Android Phone

As soon as you click on this icon, your icon will change.
Friends, under that icon, will be Ad Blocking Enabled, Enjoy Show.
Now Block this App has started working on your phone,

And now you will not have any problem due to any AIDS.

If you want to enable Ads again, or if you want to see AIDS in the app again, then you have to go back to that app and click on that icon, you will start seeing AIDS back in apps.

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Friends, in this way you can stop or stop mobile ads from your mobile and from your browser, internet, how to stop ads from mobile apps, by watching posts and videos, so if you liked this post then you can share this with your friends, send this post to Facebook on WhatsApp, you can share it, so keep coming right bye


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